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High quality knitted shade cloth or garden shade net is one kind of shade net and manufactured using only virgin resins and the best UV stabilizers from Ciba speciality products ...
HDPE olive net or HDPE collection net 100% virgin
Highly u. V. Treated
Weight: 50gr/sqm
Width: 1m - 6.5m
Net size: As required
HDPE olive net harvest collecting net.
100% ...
Agricultural shade net/shade net/shade net with eyelet description
PE shade net
Shade net made from virgin HDPE
UV 1% treated for 3-5 years.
Colour and size are to your request ...
The woven shade cloth or PE construction safety net boasts an HDPE construction for exceptional heat dissipation.
It comes with different shapes and colours for your selection. ...
Dust and Wind protection net or windbreak net is used for windshield protection and details:
1. Falling object protection
2. Visual barrier
3. Wind and dust control
4. ...
This Plastic garden net structure or HDPE protection net or Balcony Fence is tap wire, it can use some place
1). Outdoor ------shade net protection shade ray and wind
2). ...
HDPE shade cloth or colorful shade net or shadow net manufactured using only virgin resins and the best UV stabilizers from ciba speciality products are available.
Comes in a ...
HDPE Safety net or fence net is 100% virgin HDPE and protection cloth
Highly u. V. Treated
Width: 1m - 6m
Length: As required
Weight: 90gr-300gr/sqm
Colour: As required ...
Green shade net/sun shade netting/anti sun net description
Sun shade net made from 100% virgin PE
UV 1%.
Many types
Width: 1-6m
Agricultural HDPE shade cloth/shade net/sun shade netting description
Shade net made from virgin HDPE
Shade rate is 20% --93%
Shade net with UV treated
Shade net can last for ...
Made by H. D. P. E. Pure
Shading density: ...60% 70% 80% 90% 95%...
Color: As per customers request
Weight: 90--270gram/m2
Width: 1--10m
PE construction net/safety net/shade net description
PE construct netcolor: Green 4x50m size: 4x100m/roll, 3mx200m/roll, 6x100m/roll...
Ectgrammage: 10og/m2, 120G/M2, 140G/M2, ...
Sand bag/shade cloth/safety cloth description
1. Silo bags are manufactured by monofilament fabrics, 100 % HDPE high quality with high UV-stability. To protect the silage plastic ...
Outdoor shade net or shade cloth or carpet shade net
1. Size: 4x4m, 5x5m, 7x7m, 8x8m
2. Material: High density polyethylene(HDPE)
3. Useful life: 5 years to 10 years

High ...
1)material PE and UV 0.3%,
2) the weight: 45G/M2 ----320G/M2
3)the shade factor: 30%--95%
4)the width: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 5m...
5)the length as customer ...
Olive net or olive cloth isused to harvest olive
Harvest olive net, olive net. Monofilament net. Monofilament netting.
Color: Yellow/red
Grammage: 100G/M2, 95G/M2 ect
Size: ...
Green Balcony Enclosure or shade net or protection net details:
1. Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE).
2. High quality turquoise shade netting (UV resistant): Block out ...
PE sun sails or shade sails or sunshade net
1). Materia virgin l HDPE and UV 0.3%,
2). The sun shade net weight: 45G/M2 ----320G/M2
3). The shade net factor: 30%--95%
Material ...
Balcony fence cloth or shade cloth manufactured using only virgin resins and the best UV stabilizers from Ciba speciality products are available.
Comes in a range of colors, ...
Olive Net in Agriculture/olive net/olive netting description
1) Material: HDPE, PP, PE
2) Net Length(m): 25 -100
3) Net Width(m): 1-6
Farm Net/shade net/PE net description
The use of shade net is the most effective solution for preventing plant from being burnt following exposure to direct sunlight.
Application: Plant protection or anti bird net or bird protection net
This anti bird net or bird protection netting or bird net is used for the protection of crops against harmful ...
HDPE shade nettting/shade net/sun shade cloth description
1). Material: HDPE
2). Popular weight: 180GSM; 280GSM; 320GSM
3). Colour: Beige; Blue; Green; Grey; Black; Chinese red; ...
Sunshade net/sunshade netting/shade cloth description
It is a new product for agriculture and other industries in order to overshadow or against insects. The picture showed is a ...
Colour shade net /sun shade cloth/sun shade netting/sunblock description
Shade net; Shade sail; Sunshade
1). Material: HDPE
2). UV protection for at least five years ...
Shade cloth carpet/shade net/carpet description
Shade cloth rolls; Carpet net; Shade sail net
UV at least 5 years
Plastic bag with col tag inside
Outer carton packing

Shade ...
Shade cloth for cloth or Garden Shade Net or shade net details:
This kind of Sun Shade Cloth price: USD0.1-0.3/m2
Material: PE, HDPE
Color: Any color could be made
Width: ...
Ivory garden sun shade sail /shade net/sun shade sail description
Ivory garden sun shade sail; Garden shade sail; Ivory shade sail; Sun sail
1). Shade sail material: HDPE
Ivory ...